If you have an existing blog, it is possible to move your blog without losing your followers.

You can migrate your blog from most of the popular "free" blogs pretty easily - at least all of the content like pages, posts, comments, and images.

Whether or not you will lose your current followers depends largely on "how" they are following you.

  1. If they are linking to you and you have a custom domain name, you can just remap that domain name and not lose any of your links (so long as you set up the same category structure on the new blog - we can help with this :))
  2. If they are following you on social media, then you just change your blog address there and you're good to go
  3. If they are on an email list, you'll just need to link to the new site from your emails going forward.

Also, what a lot of other customers do is to put up a page on the free blog, telling people where the new blog is (especially those who do not have a custom domain name).

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