To improve your site's performance and speed, BlogPress uses a tool called Comet Cache. This tool caches all of your content so that your web pages can load faster.

When you're making layout changes to your site, this can be frustrating because the cache does not automatically let go of the previously saved pages.

When you make any of the following changes to your site, you will need to manually click the "Clear Cache" broom at the top right of your blog dashboard. 

(NOTE: the toolbar is not visible from the Customizer, so you'll need to exit the Customizer to clear the cache - or just open a separate browser window with your dashboard so that you can easily clear the cache.) 

Changes that require "Clear Cache"

Any changes from the Customizer

  • Widgets
  • Theme Changes
  • Media Library - adding or editing images
  • Custom CSS

If clearing the Comet Cache does not solve then issue, then it may be your browser that's holding onto things...

Google Chrome is particularly good at caching the web pages you browse - that's one of the things that make it so fast. The downside is when you're doing css/style changes to your blog's theme - this includes changing the theme or it's menus and sometimes when you are updating widgets or even pages.

The solution to this is to clear your browser's cache (you may have to do this after every update) -'s-Cache

There's a nice little trick in Google Chrome to temporarily turn off the browser's caching feature while you making updates to you theme. -

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